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    Describes known issues and provides other information about the Media Center Extender for Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005.
    The following table lists the multimedia file types that are supported by different versions of Windows Media Player ( ). Note Additional file formats might be supported if you install new codecs in Windows. For more information, see .
    When you start Microsoft Freelancer, the screen may turn black or the game may unexpectedly quit.
    Describes a problem that occurs when you try to use Windows Media Player 10 to play files that are protected by DRM on a Windows XP-based computer.
    Describes a resolution if you receive an error and you cannot play online content. Click to select a check box in the player properties to always connect to the Internet.
    Describes a problem that occurs in Windows Vista when you try to play a video file by using Media Center Extender for Windows Media Center. Specifically, the file does not play as expected. A workaround is provided.
    Fixes an issue in which Windows Media Center cannot perform a security upgrade successfully after you are prompted to upgrade the DRM components on a Windows Vista-based computer.
    Describes an issue when you try to play a .mpg or .mpeg file in a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation, the video does not play and you may receive an error message in module Mciqtz32.dll.
    Describes a problem that occurs because information for digital media objects is overwritten when you install the second program. Provides two methods to work around this problem.
    This article describes how to move your digital music and video collection to Windows XP. The information in this article may be useful if you have previously copied music and video such as MP3 and Windows Media Audio (WMA) files to your computer by...

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