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    Describes a problem that occurs when the SMS Advanced Client Setup program tries to set permissions for the IIS anonymous account because IIS is installed. If the anonymous account is misconfigured, the Setup program will not complete successfully.
    Describes a scenario where metadata of non-Office documents is not retained after you copy documents from one document library to another document library or from the hard disk to a document library.
    Describes how to apply the correct permission in Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 to let a user use Microsoft Office Project Web Access 2003 to access the Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services Risks, Issues, and Documents pages.
    You can perform backup operations from the command prompt or from a batch file by using the ntbackup backup command followed by various parameters. You can access only the backup option from the command prompt. To restore files, use the Backup and...
    Describes a supported scenario to restore data from a computer that is running the original release version of SharePoint Portal Server 2003 to a computer that is running SharePoint Portal Server 2003 Service Pack 1.
    Describes problems that occur after you upgrade a computer to Windows Server 2003 SP1. The computer cannot join a domain. Network connections are not listed. You cannot start the RPC service. A resolution is provided.
    Describes an error message that you may receive if you are assigned the Coordinator role and you upload a document to the document library in the portal site by using a Web browser. Contains workaround.
    Describes the problem where Event ID 1013 occurs when you install Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA) and Services for NFS on a Windows Server 2003 R2-based computer. You can safely ignore this Error event.
    Describes a behavior where folder permissions are not correctly inherited when you use Windows Explorer to apply them on a Distributed File System (DFS) topology.
    Describes an issue that occurs if a site collection does not exist at the root of the Web application. Provides a resolution.

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