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    This step-by-step article describes important considerations for deploying applications that are built on the .NET Framework. This is one of a series of articles that provide detailed information for applications that are built on the .NET Framework....
    Explains that you cannot use the migration tool Smigrate.exe to back up a SharePoint Team Services Web site to a SharePoint Services site. To resolve this issue, you must install the Ows1002.exe update on the SharePoint Team Services server.
    The Windows NT file system (NTFS) provided by Microsoft Windows NT and Windows NT Advanced Server use transaction logging to ensure recoverability. The text below details how Windows NT implements this feature.
    This article discusses the Content Approval feature in Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services, and contains information about the of items that are contained in a list or in a document library after you enable the Content Approval feature for that list...
    On your Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services team Web site, when you try to view documents in a document library in Explorer view, you may not be prompted for your credentials, and the Web page may not be displayed correctly. Microsoft Internet...
    Describes an update for Windows Server Update Services 2.0 Service Pack 1 to implement WSUS client program version 3.0 on client computers.
    Describes how you cannot connect to a SharePoint Services Web site if you delete the user account in Windows and re-create the account by using the same user name. To resolve this issue, you must add a new user account.
    This article describes the scripts that are available in Windows 2000. It provides an overview of the logon scripts that you can assign to individual users in Computer Management and the user logon, user logoff, computer startup, and computer shutdown...
    When you use Windows 2000 Terminal Services, you can run your own dedicated sessions on a Terminal server. You can run the Terminal Services client software to connect to Terminal servers and to run line-of-business programs. If you are an...
    Describes how to manage IPsec policies and to monitor IPsec activity for remote computers by using MMC snap-ins and the Netsh command-line utility on Windows-based computers.

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