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    Describes repair options that you can use when you accidentally make an incorrect Distributed File System Replication (DFSR) member authoritative in a Windows Server 2003 R2 environment.
    Describes a problem where you cannot upgrade Windows Services for Unix 3.0 to Windows Services for Unix 3.5. You receive an "Error when upgrading NIS Schema" error message. A resolution is provided.
    Describes how you receive an error when you open a Windows SharePoint Services Web site in FrontPage 2003 and configure a database connection if certain settings on the server are not configured correctly. Provides a resolution to this issue.
    Explains how to back up and restore Windows SharePoint Services Web sites and Windows SharePoint Services content databases on the same server or on different servers.
    Updates the Windows Server 2003 DFS to permit you to create a DFS root server. With a DFS root server, you can preserve existing UNC paths when you migrate or consolidate your existing file servers. Requires that you install an update.
    Describes how to recover from a computer virus infection and how to prevent future infections from computer viruses in Windows operating systems.
    Describes what to consider when you deploy Windows Server 2008 failover cluster nodes on multiple subnets.
    Explains that you receive an unexpected message when you connect to the document library on the Web site that is used for Explorer view by using Secure Sockets Layer. Requires that you click either Yes or No on the message to work around this behavior.
    Describes a problem that occurs if you convert the system partition to a Dynamic Disk volume.

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