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    Explains the relationship between Windows SharePoint Services 2.0 and SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Compares the features of these two products.
    This article describes the best practices for using dynamic disks on Windows 2000-based computers.
    Explains the different scenarios where Exchange Server 2003 and Exchange 2000 Server still require NetBIOS name resolution for full functionality.
    When you right-click a media clip, you may see on the shortcut menu. -or- When you click on the menu in a Microsoft Office program, you may see in the list.
    Explains that security update 896358 includes changes to the HTML Help ActiveX control that disable some URL schemes. Explains how to modify the registry if you must use these URL schemes.
    This article describes how to use the Remote Shutdown tool (Shutdown.exe) to shut down and restart a local or remote Windows 2000-based or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0-based computer. Shutdown.exe is available on the Microsoft Windows 2000 Resource Kit...
    is a new registry entry in Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that determines the number of TCP acknowledgments (ACKs) that will be outstanding before the delayed ACK timer is ignored.
    This article describes how to configure the Active Directory Migration Tool (ADMT) to migrate user passwords from a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 domain to a Microsoft Windows Server 2003 domain. Note This article assumes that you have already installed ADMT...
    Describes the problem where you may receive error messages if you disable NetBIOS on a Windows Server 2003-based cluster. Provides a resolution.

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