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    Describes Microsoft policy about lost or forgotten passwords.
    Provides a list of Microsoft Knowledge Base articles that describe problems that are fixed in this service pack.
    The information in this article applies to Windows Live Movie Maker beta. Windows Live Movie Maker simply will not start. On the European (N) version of Windows Vista or Windows 7 nothing appears to happen when you try to launch/open Windows Live Movie...
    Describes a scenario where a TV tuner card may not be supported by Windows Media Center even though the TV Tuner may be supported by Windows Vista.
    Fixes the problem where WDS cannot generate more than 255 client names. Therefore, some computers cannot join the domain and cannot be centrally managed.
    Describes how you can add or remove search providers in Internet Explorer 7. Also describes how to select a default search provider.
    Describes some problems that occur when you install SQL Server 2005 on Windows Server 2008. Provides workarounds for some of these problems.
    Discusses how to write custom .adm and .admx administrative template files to provide an elevation policy for protected mode in Internet Explorer 7.0.
    When you type the name of a file to play by using Windows Media Player, you may receive one or more error messages.

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