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    When you attempt to close the Start menu by pressing the Windows Logo key, the Start menu may not close. This issue may occur if you have opened the Start menu by pressing CTRL+ESC, and then closed it by pressing ESC. To resolve this issue,...
    When you start Explores In the Age of Dinosaurs, your system may stop responding (hang) on the black screen prior to the Microsoft logo if you are running with a SoundBlaster 16 and the SoundBlaster 16 version 4.0 sound drivers included with Microsoft...
    Describes how to add a company logo to the menu in Microsoft Dynamics SL.
    Describes how to add a store logo to a receipt in Microsoft POS.
    Provides steps to review why user is unable to add a logo to a report writer report.
    Describes that the logo graphic is stretched so that it occupies the whole page width after you add a store logo to a receipt. Provides a resolution.
    Occasionally when creating a submission in Windows Logo Kit 1.6 (WLK 1.6), it will be noted that not all of the required tests are listed in Device Console. Sometimes it will be possible to restore the tests by scheduling a test, and closing Device...

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