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    Fixes a problem in Windows XP where the computer stops responding when you log off the computer if more than one user is logged on to the computer, the Fast User Switching feature is enabled, and a program is running in the context of another user.
    Describes support for Windows XP on the Opteron processor.
    Find the latest news, information and resources about Windows XP End of Support (EOS), happening April 8, 2014.
    Transition smoothly from the Windows XP operating system and explore the shiny new features of Windows 7. Microsoft columnist Kim Douglas shows you how.
    Windows XP Setup includes the Dynamic Update feature. Dynamic Update downloads and uses critical content to enhance the Setup program. If the computer can connect to the Internet during Windows XP Setup, Dynamic Update prompts you to download critical...
    Discusses how you cannot start other software until you complete the OOBE Setup program after you install Windows XP Service Pack 2 or Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005 by using OOBE. To work around the issue, use the Windows XP Narrator program.
    Describes a problem in which all user accounts are disabled or the computer restarts continuously on a Windows XP or Windows Vista-based computer which has Windows SteadyState installed.
    How to Use These Notes These release notes contain important information that was not available when the product documentation for Windows XP was written. Unless stated otherwise, all information included here applies to Windows XP Home Edition, Windows...
    Describes the Microsoft support policy for Fibre Channel RAID devices that are connected to Windows XP Professional-based computers.
    Learn how to download and install an update that will allow your computer to use Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC on a computer running Windows 7.

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