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    Enable Instant Search in Outlook for fast searches of all of your Outlook items.
    Learn how to enhance searching for files by modifying advanced settings for Windows Search, including indexing encrypted files, adding diacritics, and rebuilding the ...
    After you install Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Microsoft Outlook 2013, you may see the Windows Search Email Indexer add-in listed under Disabled Application ...
    Instant Search in Outlook 2007 helps you find Outlook items, including messages, attachments, contacts, and calendar items.
    This issue can occur if the Indexing service is running on the computer. The Indexing service uses the Cidaemon.exe process to index files.
    Some programs and features that are included with Windows 7 are turned on by default, including Windows Search. You can turn off Windows Search if you don’t use it.
    How to install and configure the Indexing Service By default, the Indexing Service is not installed on a Windows Server 2008-based computer.
    When you use Instant Search in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010, or Microsoft Outlook 2013, you receive the following message:
    For more information about how to configure full-text indexing in Exchange 2003, see the Exchange Server 2003 Resource Kit and Exchange Server 2003 Help.
    Automatically repair Windows Desktop Search problems, when search is not started, doesn’t work as expected or when desktop search shows no results.

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