General information for LsaFreeReturnBuffer
    LsaFreeReturnBuffer function (Windows)
    The LsaFreeReturnBuffer function frees the memory used by a buffer previously allocated by the LSA. Syntax
    LogonUserEx Documentation
    From what is written in LogonUserExExW, LsaFreeReturnBuffer should be used to free ppLogonSid and you don't free the pointer to the profile (this will be unloaded ...
    LsaCallAuthenticationPackage function (Windows)
    This buffer is allocated by this function. When you have finished using this buffer, free the memory by calling the LsaFreeReturnBuffer function. ReturnBufferLength [out]
    Memory Allocation Problems in GINA
    ... "", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOW); ... } LsaFreeReturnBuffer(pProfile); // if we get this far ...
    LsaFreeReturnBuffer >= 0; } } [System.Security.SecurityCritical] // auto-generated internal sealed class SafeProcessHandle: ...
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