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    Teaching friends from scratch. - Xbox LIVE Indie Games Forums
    Learn basics of user input, and how to read it. Resources: -- C# Basics. ... don't be ashamed of the VB.NET, ...
    Building Real-time Web Apps with ASP.NET SignalR | Build ...
    3-034 Websockets is introducing web developers to a whole new world of real-time programming but that isn’t the end of the story. SignalR gives ASP.NET ...
    XNA 3D RPG - Xbox LIVE Indie Games Forums ... ... It covers 3D basics and 3D modeling/animating basics:
    Is it possible to upgrade a Windows 8 PC to Windows 7 ... ... ... ...
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    How To Create an ASP.NET HTTP Module Using Visual Basic .NET
    This step-by-step article demonstrates how to use Visual Basic .NET to create a simple, custom HTTP module. This article demonstrates how to create, deploy ...
    How to determine the operating system service pack ...
    Describes how to determine the operating system service pack level in Visual Basic .NET or in Visual Basic 2005.
    HOW TO: Share ASP.NET Pages and User Controls Between ...
    This step-by-step article describes how to share Microsoft ASP.NET pages (.aspx files) and user controls (.ascx files) between applications by using ...
    How to recursively search directories by using Visual ...
    Describes some sample steps and sample code about how to recursively search directories by using Visual Basic .NET or Visual Basic 2005.
    How to use ActiveX components in Visual Basic .NET or ...
    Describes how to use an ActiveX component in Visual Basic .NET or in Visual Basic 2005. Provides an example to show how to perform this tast.
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    BuildIt - Team Development Build Tool
    BuildIt.NET is designed to jump-start the build process used for development of .NET distributed applications. This download provides full source code and ...
    MSDN TV: Inside the NO LIMITS Technology Tour and ...
    The NO LIMITS Technology Tour and Racing Road Show showcases state-of-the-art technologies used in racing, including Windows 2003 server, IIS, SQL Server, ...
    Microsoft Identity and Access Management Series
    This collection of technical papers is designed to help organizations understand identity and access management issues and related solutions that can be ...
    .NET Rocks! - Frans Bouma on LLBLGen
    Carl and Richard talk with Frans Bouma, author of LLBLGen, a very popular ORM modeling and code generation tool for .NET.
    .NET Rocks! - Frans Bouma on ORM!
    Carl and Richard talk to Frans Bouma about his thoughts on the ORM revolution, his products, and the Entity Framework. Great stuff!
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