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    PlaySound function (Windows)
    The PlaySound function plays a sound specified by the given file name, resource, or system event. (A system event may be associated with a sound in the registry or in ...
    This function plays a sound specified by a file name, resource, or system event.
    PlaySound specifies whether to play a sound when a pop-up window is blocked.
    It is documented in the SDK documentation page for PlaySound. Look at the bottom. "Header" tells you what .h file you need to #include. "Library" tells you what .lib ...
    'PlaySound': identifier not found
    Hmm: my first reaction was that you are missing a #include for a specific header file ... but a look at the MSDN page for PlaySound shows, at the bottom, that to use ...
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    Play Sound
    Studios 310.576.0066. Mixers. John Bolen; Ryan Sturup; Hermann Thumann
    winapi - How to PlaySound in C++ using Windows API ...
    I try to play a music file in my coding, but failed. I have my music file in the same folder which save .cpp file. Can someone help me? My code is: #include < ...
    Commands - Minecraft Wiki
    In a Minecraft multiplayer server game, entered by an operator or command block. ... playsound <sound> <player> [x] [y] [z] [volume] [pitch] [minimumVolume] Arguments
    How to use /playsound command Minecraft Blog
    The Minecraft How to use /playsound command Blog was contributed by UnlockerTV. Today I'll show you how to use /playsound command in a command block 1.Place 1 Command ...
    PlaySound Command - GeoGebraWiki
    PlaySound[ <Note>, <Duration>, <Instrument> ] Plays a MIDI note. Note is an integer from 0 to 127 that represents a musical note given by the table below.
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