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    The BG_JOB_TYPE enumeration defines constant values that specify the type of transfer job, such as download.
    Because BGInfo's configuration information is stored in the registry and Windows limits the size of registry values you may encounter errors when ...
    The BG_FILE_INFO structure provides the local and remote names of the file to transfer.
    You have been re-routed to the Ransom:Win32/LockScreen.BG write up because Trojan:Win32/LockScreen.BG has been renamed to Ransom:Win32/LockScreen.BG
    Microsoft security software detects and removes this trojan. Trojans are a type of malware that try to look innocent to convince you to install them on your PC.
    bg. Microsoft Genuine Advantage > Windows XP Genuine Advantage Validation Issues (Windows XP) Windows XP Genuine Advantage Validation Issues (Windows XP) ...
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    here, I'm getting the return value as BG_E_EMPTY, means no files to transfer, according to the documentation..
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