General information for bs
    Button Styles (Windows)
    Constant Description; BS_3STATE: Creates a button that is the same as a check box, except that the box can be grayed as well as checked or cleared.
    The return value from a button control created with the BS_AUTOCHECKBOX, BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON, BS_AUTO3STATE, BS_CHECKBOX, BS_RADIOBUTTON, or BS_3STATE style is one of ...
    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Cutwail.BS is a member of Win32/Cutwail - a multi-component family of malware that downloads and executes arbitrary files.
    When you visit a website that contains Trojan:JS/Iframe.BS, your browser is redirected to another website that may download malware onto your computer.
    BS Crash and Driver Issue - adfs.sys
    BS Crash and Driver Issue - adfs.sys. Windows 7 IT Pro > Windows 7 Miscellaneous. Windows 7 Miscellaneous ...
    Support for bs
    SMR 22498 : Column Restriction with Headers not working ...
    A report with column restrictions in the row format along with a PB fmt code in the row and BS print control in the columns still prints a BS column header ...
    PRB: BS_GROUPBOX-Style Child Window Background Painting ...
    When a BS_GROUPBOX style window is created, its background does not erase correctly.
    BUG: Radio Button with BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON Style Enters ...
    If a button with the BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON style is clicked and is followed in the tab order by a child dialog box, it enters an endless loop. This endless ...
    FIX: Cannot Remove BS_PUSHLIKE in Resource Editor
    Once you set the push-like (BS_PUSHLIKE) style for a radio button or check box and close the dialog editor window, you cannot remove the push-like style ...
    Downloads for bs
    .NET Rocks! - Jack Greenfield on Software Factories
    Jack Greenfield talks about software factories, or software that builds software. The conceptual and practical aspects of the future of software ...
    Scalability and High Availability in BizTalk Server 2004
    The architectural components of BizTalk Server 2004 that facilitate scalability and high-availability are based on robust methodologies and mechanisms ...
    Windows 8 Apps for bs
    BS Bingo
    BS-Bingo is the ultimate tool to (finally) make your meetings productive ! Increase the listening of your audience. Finally, get something out of the your ...
    Corporate BS Generator
    Have you ever sat through a corporate presentation and been dazzled by fancy buzzword-filled phrases? Have you ever wished that you were capable of ...
    Little bs First Day of School
    I have seen many children struggle with how to write alphabet letters correctly and score poorly on tests. Now with many states going to common core this ...
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