General information for bs
    bs (Update Breakpoint Command) (Windows Debuggers)
    The bs command changes the command executed when the specified breakpoint is encountered.
    TrojanDownloader:Win32/Cutwail.BS may contact a remote host at using port 443. Commonly, malware may contact a remote host for the following purposes:
    Button Styles (Windows)
    Constant Description; BS_3STATE: Creates a button that is the same as a check box, except that the box can be grayed as well as checked or cleared.
    When you visit a website that contains Trojan:JS/Iframe.BS, your browser is redirected to another website that may download malware onto your computer.
    Corporate BS Generator app for Windows in the Windows Store
    Learn more about Corporate BS Generator by DigitallyCreated and download it from the Windows Store. Corporate BS Generator. Free . 15. Published by. DigitallyCreated
    Downloads for bs
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    Windows 8 Apps for bs
    BS Bingo
    BS-Bingo is the ultimate tool to (finally) make your meetings productive ! Increase the listening of your audience. Finally, get something out of the your ...
    Corporate BS Generator
    Have you ever sat through a corporate presentation and been dazzled by fancy buzzword-filled phrases? Have you ever wished that you were capable of ...
    Little bs First Day of School
    I have seen many children struggle with how to write alphabet letters correctly and score poorly on tests. Now with many states going to common core this ...
    Support for bs
    PRB: BS_GROUPBOX-Style Child Window Background Painting ...
    The parent window of the BS_GROUPBOX style window has the WS_CLIPCHILDREN style, which prevents the parent window from erasing the group box's ...
    MS14-045: Description of the security update for kernel ...
    Resolves vulnerabilities in Microsoft Windows that could allow elevation of privilege if an attacker logs on to the system and runs a specially crafted ...
    Error message when you run an application or try to ...
    ... Culture name 'Culture' is not supported for the following 13 cultures: en-CB az-AZ-Latn uz-UZ-Latn sr-SP-Latn az-AZ-Cyrl uz-UZ-Cyrl sr ...
    FIX: Cannot Remove BS_PUSHLIKE in Resource Editor
    Once you set the push-like (BS_PUSHLIKE) style for a radio button or check box and close the dialog editor window, you cannot remove the push-like style ...
    BUG: Radio Button with BS_AUTORADIOBUTTON Style Enters ...
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