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    Olicom 16/4 TR Drivers Cause Checksum Errors
    Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 client computers using the Olicom 16/4 Token Ring card experience checksum errors during connections to other devices.
    NBTSTAT -R Parameter May Fail in Microsoft TCP/IP-32
    The NBTSTAT -R command may not appear to function properly in Microsoft TCP/IP-32. If you attempt to purge and reload the NetBIOS name cache using NBTSTAT ...
    IPCONFIG Error: Couldn't Locate Windows Installation
    When you use the Windows IP Configuration utility (IPCONFIG.EXE) in Windows for Workgroups 3.11, the following error message may appear:
    NCB_CALL Using Group Names Fails on TCP/IP-32
    When certain applications (for example, ICL TeamOFFICE, a groupware communications application) run on a Windows for Workgroups 3.11 workstation, ...
    Err Msg: The DOS Sockets TSR is Not Loaded
    When you run a Windows Sockets application after the installation of TCP/IP- 32 on a Windows for Workgroups version 3.11 computer, the following error ...
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