General information for c 1065
    3.68 inches (93.5 millimeters) 2.22 inches (56.3 ...
    Mouse Length 3.68 inches (93.5 millimeters) ... (-40 °C) to 140 °F (60 °C) ... Model numbers: 1065, Microsoft ...
    Support for c 1065
    Description of Twisted-Pair Category Types
    This article describes twisted-pair cabling and its role in the Electronic Industries Association/Telecommunications Industries Association (EIA/TIA)568 ...
    TCP/IP-32 May Fail on Token Ring Network with Source Routing
    If Microsoft TCP/IP-32 and IPXODI are loaded on a token ring network with source routing enabled, the TCP/IP-32 utilities, such as PING, may fail to locate ...
    Extra Characters Added to DNS Name Query
    When you perform a NetBIOS name resolution using Domain Name Service (DNS) by enabling the DNS for Windows Name Resolution option, Microsoft TCP/IP-32 adds ...
    Using Rumba with TCP/IP-32
    Rumba Mainframe version 4.1 works with Microsoft TCP/IP-32. You can obtain a patch from Wall Data to use the other versions of Rumba with TCP/IP-32.
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