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    Modifying ODBC Data Connection Strings and DSNs (IIS 6.0)
    Manually modify ODBC DSNs when the ODBC data connection string references a database that is stored on the source server and the database has not been migrated to the ...
    System.Data.Odbc.OdbcException: ERROR [HYT00][ODBC Driver ...
    OdbcException "Timeout expired" returned for TableAdapter.Fill call using ODBC DSN connection and an SQL statement that requires some processing time.
    Connect Excel to Hadoop with the Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver
    Learn how to set up and use the Microsoft Hive ODBC driver for Excel to query data in an HDInsight cluster.
    SQL Server Analysis Services to Hive
    A system data source name (DSN) for the Hive ODBC connection. The DSN points to the host that is running Hadoop/Hive and specifies important connection parameters.
    Introduction to Hadoop in HDInsight: Big data processing ...
    Connect Excel to Hadoop with the Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver: Learn how to import data from HDInsight with the Microsoft Hive ODBC Driver.
    Support for data odbc
    How To Add Records with Memo Data Using the Visual ...
    This article contains sample code for an ASP that adds a new record to a Microsoft Visual FoxPro (VFP) table and inserts over 254 characters into a memo ...
    System DSN Entries Do Not Appear in ODBC Data Source ...
    Microsoft Help and Support provides support for Microsoft products. Find solutions for top issues, common problems or get support from a professional.
    A SELECT statement on an N/ODBC data source returns a ...
    Describes a problem that is resolved in a post-Microsoft Dynamics NAV 4.0 Service Pack 2 hotfix rollup.
    You receive a "22001[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver ...
    Explains that an error occurs when you use Visual C++ 6.0 to run or debug a SQL Server 2000 stored procedure with a sql_variant type input parameter.
    SMR 23572 : Source: FSFRL60Error 40002: 22008: ...
    Source: FSFRL60Error 40002: 22008: [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]The conversion of char data type to smalldatetime data type resulted in ...
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