General information for hardware mouse and keyboard
    Keyboard and Mouse
    I own a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo ( Desktop 800 to be precise ) but in some moving around I lost the mouse. The mouse contained the receiver and now ...
    Windows 8 Keyboard and mouse not working
    I called Logitech and they sent me a new keyboard so I know that the hardware is working properly. ... Mouse and Keyboard work fine when booting from dvd.
    Keyboard and mouse lock up on Windows 8
    Windows Hardware WDK and Driver Development. ... The same mouse/keyboard filter driver works fine on Windows 7 without any issue. The drivers are digitally signed.
    Keyboard and Mouse Drivers (Compact 2013)
    The keyboard driver converts input from the keyboard hardware into keyboard events that the driver enters into the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES).
    A family of possibilities.
    The Microsoft Mouse is born. The plug-compatible and comfort-focused contoured ... Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 Hardware Features MultiMedia Keys Enhanced F Keys
    Support for hardware mouse and keyboard
    Stop the "Connect Your Mouse and Keyboard" dialog box ...
    Describes an issue in which you cannot connect a Bluetooth mouse or keyboard by using a Bluetooth connection during setup. Provides a resolution.
    The wireless keyboard or mouse may not respond and may ...
    Explains that your mouse device may not respond or may start and stop at irregular intervals.
    The Keyboard and Mouse Do Not Work When You Resume from ...
    When you resume your Windows 2000-based or Windows XP-based computer from a Standby state, the keyboard and mouse do not work.
    USB Keyboard and Mouse May Not Work After Restart or ...
    When you restart your computer or when you resume a hibernated session on your computer, you may experience the following symptoms: Your Universal Serial ...
    Computer Mouse, Keyboard, Webcam & More | Microsoft Hardware
    Preview Microsoft products and accessories including computer mice, keyboards, webcams and more at Microsoft hardware today.
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