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    Hi, I have tested Comsumer Preview 8250 and 8370 builds. I had one problem I hope somebody can help me to understand more. Once a while, the builtin keyboard and ...
    Mouse Mischief accommodates different kinds of mice; the number of mice that it can support varies depending on the computer hardware and operating system.
    I own a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse combo ( Desktop 800 to be precise ) but in some moving around I lost the mouse. The mouse contained the receiver and now ...
    I called Logitech and they sent me a new keyboard so I know that the hardware is working properly. ... Mouse and Keyboard work fine when booting from dvd.
    Keyboards and mice represent the first set of HID clients that were standardized in the HID Usage tables and implemented in Windows operating systems.
    The keyboard driver converts input from the keyboard hardware into keyboard events that the driver enters into the Graphics, Windowing, and Events Subsystem (GWES).
    The Microsoft Mouse is born. The plug-compatible and comfort-focused contoured ... Comfort Curve Keyboard 3000 Hardware Features MultiMedia Keys Enhanced F Keys
    My PS/2 ports are broken for mouse and keyboard, and as a fix, I am using USB for both input devices. Windows took time to detect these when I plugged them.
    Hello, I want Keyboard and Mouse support for XBOX360. I know that in the old days there was Keyboard support for the XBOX360. Not the virtual crap, the real hardware ...
    So, is there a way to get input from the actual hardware keys on the keyboard, regardless of the current keyboard layout? And no, ... What about the mouse?