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    The value and benefit gained under Microsoft Volume Licensing programs and through use of Microsoft software and services may vary by ... Software Assurance Benefits.
    Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits Overview Access valuable resources at each stage of the software lifecycle m Plan
    Software Assurance Training Benefits Help enhance skills and productivity, and prepare for successful deployments
    Microsoft Volume Licensing programs are for organizations with five or more licenses. Learn about customer and partner program details and benefits and find key ...
    Get information about Microsoft Software Assurance. Learn more about Microsoft Service Premier Support and Microsoft Problem Resolution Support.
    What is the SAB Calculator? The Software Assurance Benefits Calculator is an online tool to calculate estimated Software Assurance Benefits that ...
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    ... all new and renewing Volume Licensing agreements with Software Assurance will no longer include ... When will the TechNet benefits in Software Assurance ...
    With Microsoft Software Assurance for Volume Licensing, ... Entitle to more Software Assurance Benefits. Access to the Microsoft Volume Licensing Services Portal (MVLS)