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    The Software Assurance Home Use Program (HUP) can help increase employee productivity and maximize the value of your Microsoft Office investment by letting employees ...
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    Microsoft Software Assurance Benefits Overview Access valuable resources at each stage of the software lifecycle
    Find support for Microsoft products; Get support for home users; Get help with Windows; Get help with Office; Find answers on Microsoft forums
    What is the SAB Calculator? The Software Assurance Benefits Calculator is an online tool to calculate estimated Software Assurance Benefits that ...
    The Home User Program (HUP) located @: will provide you with program details.
    ... to answer your question regarding licensing issues with Office Professional 2003 here at ... Use your Training Vouchers to help: • Reduce your overall IT training budget
    Script (script: A type of computer code used to perform tasks on Web pages, such as incrementing a "number of visitors" counter each time there is a new visitor.