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    Sometimes you guy won't turn his body towards the runner even when holding LT Support Xbox Wire For Developers Jobs Photosensitive Seizure Warning ...
    Windows PowerShell: What Not to Script
    $line = 0 $names = get-content c:\names.txt while ($line –lt $names.length) { # do something with $names[$line] $line++ }
    Using Progress Indicators in Windows PowerShell
    for ($a=1; $a -lt 100; $a++) { Write-Progress -Activity "Working..." ` -PercentComplete $a -CurrentOperation "$a% complete" ` -Status "Please wait." Start ...
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    HOWTO: Add a Tag property to System.Windows.Forms.MenuItem
    Sometimes you need to add some data to menu items. This article shows how you can accomplish that by adding a Tag property to System.Windows.Forms.Menu.
    MS13-041: Description of the security update for Lync ...
    Describes the security update for Lync Server 2013 that was released on May 14, 2013.
    Description of the Word Online hotfix package (Wacwfe-x ...
    Describes the Word Online bug that is resolved in the hotfix package that is dated July 10, 2013.
    An explanation of the new /C and /I Switches that are ...
    This article describes two new switches, the /C switch and the /I switch, that are included in the CHKDSK program in Windows XP. These switches enable ...
    You cannot preview a fax in the Fax Console
    Fixes a problem with the Fax Console that cannot preview a sent or received fax.
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