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    Microsoft loses nothing by letting people have the choice to mod their machines, and perhaps gains much (mindshare, developer community, whatever).
    If they can then starting in January regain mindshare by announcing Titanfall will be 1080p60fps then all this angst will be a thing of the past, ...
    Scaleout vs. Scaleup Robert Barnes Microsoft Why 1BTPD? We had two main obstacles in bringing TP to Microsoft: Lack of products and infrastructure Industry mindshare ...
    Without a doubt, cloud computing is gaining lots of mindshare, and its practical use is building momentum across technology platforms and throughout the industry.
    My hope is that as the mindshare around ATOM increases that we will be able to look at added features like this. Thanks again for your feedback! Regards,
    UPCRC Major Accomplishments Disruptive Effect and Mindshare: The program has gained critical mass and it is a leader in academic research on parallelism.
    ... voice generates opportunities to create a conversation with constituents so that they can earn the right to grab their mindshare.