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    MK Gandhi app for Windows in the Windows Store
    Learn more about MK Gandhi by Katkam Hari Prasad and download it from the Windows Store
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    ... \ # Hackery to get a different drivercfg.cob into each platform # XXX causes some unnecessary linking and packaging $(OBJECT_DIR)\drivercfg.cob: ...
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    # SUBDIR=conf\package !include $(MMLITE_SDK)/conf/make/ !if exist ( !include !endif # Macro for m32.exe (32 bit base image) ...
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    Search results for replication - support
    Article Note The information in this topic applies only to a Microsoft Access database (.mdb).
    Search results for Query Joins - support
    Article Left, right, inner, and outer joins are only a few of the types of joins you can use to combine data from two sources.
    Search results for Excel - support
    Article You can import Excel data into Access or link to an Excel file, which results in a linked table.
    Search results for Sort Query - support
    Article When you sort the data in a table, query, form, or report, you can save the sort order with the object.
    Search results for Query parameter - support
    Article Adding parameters to a query makes it ask for criteria so that it filters the results.
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