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    mk_07. I work at. Ich bin noch Student. Member Since. Dec 17, 2010. Biography. Bin 13 Jahre alt Liebt es, zu programmieren-Points. FAQ Experience Activity. Points ...
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    MK_DEV05. Member Since. Mar 27, 2011-Points. FAQ Experience Activity. Points History. Statistics. Achievements ...
    Basic Exchange 2013 Scripts for
    Customized for Check_mk monitoring. Had to work with a Open Source monitoring tool. and they want to monitor Exchange 2013 using it . Which is Called as Check_mk ...
    619Case MK_E_INVALIDEXTENSION: Return vbErrors.OLEFileNotFound '&H800401E6. Helpers\Utils.vb (1) 554Case MK_E_INVALIDEXTENSION
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    Article Crabby Office Lady Ah, Outlook. Good old Outlook. We use it every day, all day, and still … some of its terminology vexes us.
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    Article Wizards Wizard Description AutoDialer Wizard Allows you to specify modem information when you click an AutoDialer button in Form view.
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    Article Split an Access database into front-end and back-end components to improve performance and safely share data with other users.
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    Article Create a report that groups data and displays subtotals, averages, and other aggregates.
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    Article Show All Hide All In any report that contains numbers, you can use totals, averages, percentages, or running sums to make the data more understandable.
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