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    I want to migrate code and history only from an existing TFS Online instance to another TFS Online instance. I am not worried about the backlog, just the source code.
    This ASP.NET code sample shows how to display a list of current online users' information without using membership provider.
    Microsoft Premier Online (MPO) provides online self-service for Premier customers to manage incidents and find technical resources.
    SharePoint Online - Automate the PowerShell connection to your Admin Center Site This PowerShell function, Connect-SPOnline, connects an Office 365 ... - / 9/9/2013 1:54 PM <dir> aspnet_client 1/15/2008 10:25 AM 3243 CoreSmoke.asp
    Everyone can personalize Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. Know the personalizations that everyone can perform so that you can focus on customizations that affect the ...
    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online sign-up process is simple and quick. You do not need your customer’s billing or contact information to sign up on their behalf.
    If you're looking for an easy way to import a large number of contacts into your Office 365 Exchange Online Global Address list or update existing contacts with new ...
    In Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, you can use marketing lists to accomplish a wide variety of goals. Learn how to create useful marketing lists, and then use them to ...
    Introduction to the online services internal use rights transition guide This guide is intended to provide you with information and instructions to support you during the