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    library documentation; developer talks; academia; resources. support; downloads; partner offerings; XNA Game Studio.
    Project managers need to work with the resources in the Enterprise Resource Pool to create project teams and assign resources to tasks within a project.
    Looking for some in-depth documentation or help & how-to for Analyze Resources in Portfolio Analyses in P14. In particular, I want to fully understand all the buttons ...
    Tag's developer resources can help you batch-create thousands of Tags programmatically, and include the Tag API and code libraries.
    This page provides example code and other resources used by the Silverlight MSDN documentation. Clock Sample An analog clock that uses styles created in ...
    RESOURCES Finding Help When You Need It: A Guide to Online Resources ... that searching for and locating documentation and resources can be a challenge.
    Chris Kilbourn, Senior Content Publisher for Windows Phone outlines all the documentation and guides available for Windows Phone designers.
    Pex Community Resources; Nikolai Tillmann’s Blog on MSDN; ... Most of the documentation listed on this page is also bundled in the Pex installer. What about Moles?
    Downloads and Resources. WorldWide Telescope Academic Program. Home; Localization; Collaborations; ... Documentation . WorldWide Telescope Developer Tools Documentation: