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    Alex Tcherniakhovski - Security.NET Helper Class for managment of Oracle User and Role objects. Posted over 7 years ago. by Alex Tcherniakhovski. 1 Comments;
    Microsoft Security Intelligence Report Volume 14 July through December, 2012 An in-depth perspective on software vulnerabilities and exploits, malware,
    Information security is a multibillion-dollar problem faced by commercial and government organizations around the world. Through their adverse effects on ...
    Top conferences in security & privacy 1–100 of 138 results. 1 2. Conferences Publications 1 CRYPTO - International Crytology Conference: 1256 117 2 ...
    TechNet Webcast: Planning Deployment of Search Solutions for the Enterprise: Security, Performance, and Compliance Considerations (Level 300)
    In this webcast, we introduce attendees to the newest Microsoft Forefront security solution: Microsoft Forefront Security for Office Communications Server.
    It seems that the "Edit button" can not be removed in current release. Security Multidimensional models support dimension and cell level security via Roles.
    We are using TFS 2010 and visual studio 2010 with SQL server data dools. I want to know what is security cleanup in TFS projects. How many types of security cleanups ...
    The Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) is a legacy security feature of IE in Windows Server. Ex-MSFT EricLaw has a nifty and recent blog post about