General information for surface index html
    Canvas Pad
    The <canvas> element is a part of the HTML5 Standards specification and allows for dynamic scriptable rendering of 2D graphics.
    Creative Acceptance Policy
    The Microsoft Advertising Creative Acceptance Policy is designed to ensure consistently high standards of advertising across all Microsoft media properties and ...
    Download Bing Ads Intelligence — Bing Ads
    Surface; Windows Phone; Nokia devices; Xbox; Skype; Help and support. Contact us; Get started; Self-help; Free coaching; User forums . Tools and downloads. Bing Ads ...
    The Official Microsoft Blog -
    Microsoft’s citizenship commitments, ... the Surface Pro 3’s role in the workplace and Adobe Creative Cloud now optimized for Surface Pro 3.
    Talkingtiles app for Windows in the Windows Store
    Talkingtiles is an assistive care app that can be used for communication (‘AAC’), learning, daily living and social skills for individuals with a special need ...
    Support for surface index html
    Steps to remove documents from the ESP index
    There are specific documents in a given collection that need to be removed from the ESP index.
    PRB: Access Denied Error When You Make Code ...
    When you access a page after an AppDomain load, for example, when you modify the Bin directory or the Web.config file on computers running Microsoft Index ...
    "Index was out of range" error message when a Group ...
    Fixes reporting issues when you use GPMC on a computer that is running Windows 7 or Windows Server 2008 R2.
    You receive several "Cidaemon.exe - application error" ...
    Fixes a problem with the Indexing Service program that stops unexpectedly when it tries to index certain HTML files.
    PUB97: How to Add Background Sound to Your Web Page
    If you want a sound (.wav) or MIDI (.mid) file to play automatically when you view your Web page, you can manually add a tag to the HTML code created by ...
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