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    WDK 8.1 Update is integrated into Visual Studio 2013 and gives you most of the tools you need for developing, building, packaging, testing, and debugging drivers.
    I'm not sure if this is the right forum or not (it's one of the top results when Googling for "Visual Studio 2008 forum), but I have a very peculiar problem.
    is there a Microsoft certification exam for C# on Visual Studio 2005? if not, whats the closest exam # that kinda covers C # ? Thanks · For questions on .NET ...
    Note Not all versions of Visual Studio 2005 include the affected file. If you do not have wmiscriptutils.dll on your system you are not affected by this vulnerability.
    hello, I'm a web developer and i'm planning to do MCPD exam : ASP.NET Web Application Development with Visual Studio 2008‏ In order to achieve MCPD : ASP.NET Web ...
    This step-by-step article describes how to use the Visual Studio .NET debugger with a symbol server to load symbols from the Microsoft Symbol Server.
    I have come across a bug in Visual Studio 2010 where the product will crash without any indication of what the problem is i.e. "Visual Studio has enco