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    The Microsoft Windows Server Marketplace, built on Microsoft Pinpoint, showcases applications and professional services that extend the value of Windows Server.
    Dan Stolts and Ned Pyle are back for this week’s episode of TechNet Radio and in this show they discuss a new feature in Windows Server 2012 R2 DFSR which helps ...
    Windows Server 2012 IPAM/DHCP integration module. This Windows PowerShell script imports DHCP leases and reservations into the IPAM database.
    Windows Phone 8 Exchange Server 2013 Lync Platform 2013 Windows Server 2012 R2 ... Windows Server 2012 R2
    My Server for Windows Phone is an application designed to help you keep seamlessly connected to your server resources through Windows smart phones.
    SAC-973F This session will introduce the next release of Windows Server, code-named Windows Server “8”. We will talk about the engineering investments ...
    On windows 2008 R2 we use windows backup to backup the SQL Server database files while SQL Service is running. (The SQL Server database files were not
    Im looking to upgrade from Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2012 is there a simply way to transfer all the info from the original server to the new one?
    Hi, did you already try to reboot the server after this happened? Did this happen after installing specific software (including Windows Updates)?
    Outlook 2010: View Exchange Server Properties Using Outlook.Exchang eAccounts This sample demonstrates new and enhanced properties that provide information ...