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    Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode
    Windows Virtual PC is the latest Microsoft virtualization technology for Windows 7. It is the runtime engine for Windows XP Mode to provide a virtual Windows ...
    Use Windows Virtual PC to create a virtual machine ...
    This section walks you through setting up your virtual machine using Windows Virtual PC. Use this procedure if your physical computer runs Windows 7.
    Run virtual machines on Windows 8 with Client Hyper-V ...
    Hyper-V lets you run more than one operating system at the same time on the same PC, using virtual machines.
    Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode - Microsoft Home ...
    Windows Virtual PC, an optional component of Windows 7, helps you maintain the compatibility of legacy and custom applications in Windows 7 without additional ...
    Downloads for windows virtual pc
    Update for Windows® XP SP3 to enable RemoteApp™
    This package lets you to run many Windows XP productivity applications from a Windows 7-based PC using Windows Virtual PC or Remote Desktop Services with ...
    Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 Free 45-Day Trial Edition
    This is a free 45-day time-out, full version of the Microsoft Virtual PC 2004 product. No serial number is required.
    Virtual PC 2007 Release Notes
    Release documentation for Virtual PC 2007
    .NET Rocks! - Brian Randell on Microsoft Virtual PC
    Brian Randell explains the advantages and disadvantages of Virtual PC and Virtual Server, warns you of some potential pitfalls, and shows you how you can ...
    Virtual PC Deployment Batch Scripts and Sample Files
    Use these deployment batch scripts and sample files to deploy Virtual PC images in your environment.
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