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    Windows Intune helps organizations let their people use the devices and applications they love while configuring device settings to meet compliance needs.
    Use the information in this topic to learn what Windows Intune requires of your infrastructure and of devices that you manage.
    How to buy Windows Intune. Windows Intune is a subscription service, and is also a component of Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS). Learn more.
    I just signed up for a 30-day Windows InTune trial account and I'm in the process of setting up mobile device management for Windows Phone 8 devices.
    Sign in to Windows Intune. Which type of account do you want to sign in with? We don't recognize this user ID or password.
    This support center is applicable to Microsoft Windows Intune. Links to customer service, technical guidance and solutions, and troubleshooting tips.
    Windows Intune provides a rich and flexible mobile device management experience for Windows Phone 8.1. With Windows Intune, you can manage Windows Phone 8 ...
    Licensing Windows Intune March 2014 3 Windows Intune Offerings The following is an overview of the available Windows Intune offerings. Windows Intune with
    3 FIGURE 2: WINDOWS INTUNE INTEGRATED ON-PREMISES CONFIGURATION By using the Configuration Manager console, administrators can manage operations on a day-to-day