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    Summit Independent app for Windows in the Windows Store
    Learn more about Summit Independent by UppSite Inc. and download it from the Windows Store
    Windows 7 Imaging and Deployment Tools Overview
    Windows 7 Manufacturing Strategy. No big changes with tools or overall process. Incremental improvements from Windows Vista® Not a new platform – updates to ...
    About - MVP Global Summit
    MVP Global Summit is a multi-day event that is hosted in Bellevue and at Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, ... Windows Installer cleanup utility download. How to: ...
    Windows 8.1 Readiness - Apps, Compatibility, Tips | TechNet
    Find out why applications may break in Windows 8.1 and how to effectively assess—and fix—the compatibility of your apps before a Windows 8 deployment.
    Why should I change my Mobile OS from iOS to Windows Phone ...
    Applies to: Windows Phone; Windows Phone 7; ... There's actually quite a list of features for Windows Phone 8 that were released at the Windows Phone 8 Summit in late ...
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    Discover the science of archaeology
    Send your students on a discovery of paleontology, history, and archaeology.
    Jazz in United States history and culture
    In this introduction to jazz, students research the history of jazz and learn more about a jazz musician.
    Graph figures from equations
    In this lesson on coordinate geometry, students work with graphs and equations.
    How frequent seismic activity affects societies
    This geology lesson helps students understand plate tectonics and the social effects of earthquakes.
    Track the life of a legislative bill
    Students investigate bills under consideration by the United States Congress and gain an understanding of the legislative process.
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    SMS Scripting: MMS Lab Exercises for Automating SMS Tasks
    SMS Scripting exercises that were presented at the Microsoft Management Summit in April of 2005 to provide SMS Administrators with introductory knowledge ...
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