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    Video playeback in XNA? - Xbox LIVE Indie Games Forums ... it will play any video file that Windows Media Player can play, including sound etc.
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    Windows Media 9 Professional Video Codec
    Format Description for WMV9_PRO -- Video bitstream produced by the Windows Media 9 professional video codec. Also Windows Media Video Advanced Profile.
    C - Video for the building project (23.jul.07) . Codec Installation Package for Windows Media Player 7.1 and later. wm9codecs9x.exe .
    Media Encoder 9 Audio Input : Web Streaming - Audio|Video
    With a little digging I did unearth Microsoft's hardware compatibility list at ... It might be Windows sound ...
    Fixing Windows Media Player Errors -
    Fixing Windows Media Player Errors. Although Windows Media Player comes with support for many different types of audio and video files, there are certain formats that ...
    linux.lvs.user - Re: Windows Media Streaming Services 9 ...
    James Bowling wrote: I have looked around on Google and what not, but found nothing. On the LVS website I saw the example setup for Windows Media Streaming Services ...
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