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    Terry Myerson welcomes attendees to the Windows Phone Summit, and briefly reviews how the platform has progressed to date.
    Today Microsoft gave a sneak preview of Windows Phone 8, highlighting the core OS elements shared with Windows 8, and the opportunities this release will create for ...
    Watch the on-demand video of our June 20 press event in San Francisco outlining the past and future of Windows Phone.
    Rob Margel Microsoftie forever (18+ years), I work for the Windows International team but based in the UK, my blog is mainly focused on the Windows family ...
    The Windows Summit 2010 is for designed for people who engineer and test Windows 7 PCs, devices, and software. Three technical tracks are offered to show ...
    Microsoft Corp. announced it is hosting the Microsoft Management Summit 2002 in partnership with Altiris Inc. and NetIQ Corp.
    Microsoft MVP Global Summit. Home; Press Materials; News Archives; Welcome. ... Windows Phone apps and games. Laptops and desktop computers. Microsoft computer security.
    Welcome to a new way of doing business with Windows 8. It's Windows reimagined and reinvented from a solid core of Windows 7 speed and reliability.
    Windows Phone Store purchases may be subject to international transaction fees, taxes, and commissions. Refer to your bank or credit card issuer for more information.
    JupiterResearch believes the complexity of consumer technology will only get worse … and that will not be good for any industry initiatives.