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    (November 14, 2008 - I've updated my approach for querying Open XML documents using LINQ to XML. You can see my new approach here: Open XML SDK and LINQ to ...
    Microsoft SQL Server XML Schemas April 2014 Description Links to directories containing Microsoft SQL Server XML Schemata
    In this screencast, we would like to show you the dynamics of a Xml file and Xml Schemas. You'll find answers to questions such as how an Xml file ...
    The current implementation of the XML modify() method allows to update only one element/attribute with a single modify() operation. For example, I h
    XML Schema support in SQL Server 2005 implemented a broad subset of the full XML Schema specification, and covered the most common XML validation scenarios.
    Xml\System\Xml\Core\XmlWriterSettings.cs (2) 410autoXmlDecl = value; 863autoXmlDecl = reader.ReadBoolean(); 2 references to autoXmlDecl
    An XML schema specifies the data that is included in each type of XML document. This allows eConnect to provide back office integration to any