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    ProtectedConfigurationProvider Class (System.Configuration)
    ProtectedConfigurationProvider Class.NET Framework 4.5 Other Versions ... In this case, you can build your own custom protected-configuration provider.
    Implementing a Protected Configuration Provider
    To implement a protected configuration provider, you create a class that inherits the ProtectedConfigurationProvider abstract class from the System.Configuration ...
    ProtectedConfigurationProviderCollection Class (System ...
    The Providers property of the ProtectedConfiguration class is a ProtectedConfigurationProviderCollection collection of all protected-configuration providers available ...
    Encrypting configuration files using protected configuration
    Protected configuration uses a class derived from the abstract class ... "Failed to decrypt using provider 'RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider'.
    ASP.NET Provider Model
    Protected configuration N/A ... Figure 3 shows the provider class hierarchy. Figure 3. ASP.NET 2.0 provider classes . Provider Registration and Configuration
    Support for Protected Configuration Provider Class
    Creating a Custom Adapter Provider
    After a resolver executes, as described in the previous sections, the dynamic resolution service checks whether the result is an endpoint (not a ...
    Installation and Configuration for Windows Remote ...
    If Windows Remote Management (WinRM) is not installed and configured, WinRM scripts do not run and the Winrm command-line tool cannot perform data operations.
    About Client Settings in Configuration Manager
    …enabled. If Protected Mode is enabled, the Configuration Manager…Center 2012 Configuration Manager…Click Set Classes if you want to extend Configuration ...
    SPSite class (Microsoft.SharePoint)
    Represents a collection of sites in a Web application, including a top-level Web site and all its subsites.
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    Implementing Protected Configuration With Windows Apps ...
    The above code is necessary to configure a Protected Configuration provider, ... executable in OnAfterInstall inside the Installer class protected override void ...
    Specifying a Protected Configuration Provider
    Each protected configuration provider exposes options that you can set using attributes of the provider's declaration in the configuration file.
    How to: Build and Run the Protected Configuration Provider ...
    The topics in this section include the code for an example protected configuration provider. The example provider uses the TripleDESCryptoServiceProvider class to ...
    Encrypt and Decrypt connectionString section in Web.config
    Here is the source code to encrypt and decrypt <connectionString> section in Web.config using RSA Protected Configuration provider model. Note that below source ...
    Redirecting Configuration with a Custom Provider
    Implementing a custom protected configuration provider requires you to derive from the System.Configuration.ProtectedConfigurationProvider class.
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