General information for Protected Configuration Provider Class
    ProtectedConfigurationProvider Class (System.Configuration)
    ProtectedConfigurationProvider Class.NET Framework 4.5 Other Versions ... In this case, you can build your own custom protected-configuration provider.
    ProtectedConfigurationProviderCollection Class (System ...
    The Providers property of the ProtectedConfiguration class is a ProtectedConfigurationProviderCollection collection of all protected-configuration providers available ...
    Encrypting configuration files using protected configuration
    Protected configuration uses a class derived from the abstract class ... "Failed to decrypt using provider 'RsaProtectedConfigurationProvider'.
    ASP.NET Provider Model
    protected configuration to encrypt and decrypt configuration sections. Unless instructed to do otherwise, ... Figure 3 shows the provider class hierarchy.
    save aes encrypted data in xml file in c#
    What kind of XML? I hope we are not talking about your app.config. In this case use a Protected Configuration Provider. Otherwise it's pretty straight forward.
    Support for Protected Configuration Provider Class
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