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Microsoft Security

Behind the scenes

Microsoft Security’s global network of security and intelligence teams includes engineers, researchers, data scientists, cybersecurity experts, threat hunters, geopolitical analysts, investigators, and frontline responders across 77 countries. 

Expert Profile: Homa Hayatyfar


Principal Data and Applied Science Manager Homa Hayatyfar describes the use of machine learning models to reinforce defenses, just one of many ways AI is changing the face of security.

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Putting cyber threat intelligence into geopolitical context


Threat intelligence expert Fanta Orr explains how threat intelligence analysis uncovers the “why” behind cyberthreat activity and helps better protect customers who might be vulnerable targets.

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Expert advice on cybersecurity's three most persistent challenges


Principal Group Manager Justin Turner, Microsoft Security Research describes the three enduring challenges he’s seen throughout his cybersecurity career: configuration management, patching, and device visibility.

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Security researcher Dustin Duran on how to think like an attacker


Threat intelligence expert Dustin Duran explains how his team adopts a threat actor mindset to better understand their adversaries and help keep customer organizations and security centers safe.

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Insights from Iranian threat actor expert Simeon Kakpovi


Senior threat intelligence analyst Simeon Kakpovi talks about training the next generation of cyber defenders and overcoming the sheer tenacity of Iranian threat actors.

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Threat Intelligence, Head of IoT/OT Security Research David Atch


In our latest expert profile, we spoke with David Atch, the Head of IoT/OT Security Research at Microsoft, to talk about the growing security risks of IoT and OT connectivity.

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Cybersecurity expert Matt Lundy discusses best practices to prevent ransomware attacks, business email compromise, and homoglyph domains

Discover how cybercriminals use tactics like social engineering to perpetrate attacks


Matt Lundy of the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) describes how the experts of the Identity and Platform Enforcement team help keep customers safe from threats like ransomware, business email compromise, and homoglyph domains.

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Emily Hacker, threat intelligence analyst gives insight on how to stay on top of the ransomware as a service landscape

Threat intelligence expert Emily Hacker


Threat Intelligence Analyst Emily Hacker discusses how her team stays on top of the changing ransomware as a service landscape and the measures they take to help catch pre-ransomware actors.

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Threat intelligence expert Nick Carr discusses ransomware trends and how to maximize cybersecurity protection

Behind the scenes with cybercrime and counter ransomware expert Nick Carr


Nick Carr, Cybercrime Intelligence Team Lead at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center, discusses ransomware trends, explains what Microsoft is doing to protect customers from ransomware, and describes what organizations can do if they’ve been affected by it.

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Threat intelligence expert Steve Ginty provides tips for protecting yourself against threat actors and staying cyber vigilant

Expert Profile: Steve Ginty Behind the scenes with Microsoft’s threat intelligence expert


Steve Ginty, director of cyber intelligence at Microsoft, talks about the importance of knowing your external attack surface, provides tips on effective security readiness, and identifies the most important step you can take to protect yourself against threat actors online.

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Cybersecurity expert Russ McRess gives insight into cyber protection and cyber resilience

Expert analysis from inside the Microsoft Security Response Center (MSRC)


Spend a moment behind the scenes with the MSRC’s Russ McRee, who shares his thoughts on the state of modern security.

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Christopher Glyer: Principal Threat Intelligence Lead, Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC), discusses the importance of identity-focused solutions

Christopher Glyer: Principal Threat Intelligence Lead, MSTIC


As Principal Threat Intelligence Lead with a focus on ransomware at the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC), Christopher Glyer is part of the team that investigates how the most advanced threat actors access and exploit systems.

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Disrupting the gateway services to cybercrime

Microsoft, with threat intelligence support from Arkose Labs, is taking technical and legal action to disrupt the number one seller and creator of fraudulent Microsoft accounts, a group we call Storm-1152. We are watching, taking notice, and will act to protect our customers.

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