Inside Microsoft’s Cloud Platform

Building the unified platform for modern business

It’s a new day in IT. There are more apps, more devices, and now, more data than ever — all driven by the rise of cloud computing and the use of cloud services. With cloud technologies playing an expanding role in business, how can IT drive more efficiency and deliver new forms of value? With the platform wired for the cloud and built for modern business.

Why Microsoft Cloud Platform?
Turn IT pressures into opportunities

Turn IT pressures into opportunities

The converging trends of big data, modern apps, cloud, and bring-your-own-device represent real opportunities for IT to deliver more efficiencies and new value. To help you do that, the Microsoft Cloud Platform brings together on-premises solutions with a cloud platform to create a hybrid, highly-responsive, and accessible solution.

With business intelligence tools built right into Excel, and supercharged by a powerful back-end data platform in SQL Server, Microsoft makes it easier for everyone to discover new insights and uncover new connections and relationships across data sets.

Innovation at enterprise scale

Tens of thousands of Microsoft software engineers worldwide are already bringing the Cloud Platform to life in our newest solutions, and organizations just like yours are benefiting today by:

  • Reducing the cost and complexity of running datacenters at scale
  • Unlocking insights from any data – big and small
  • Empowering employees to work across any device
  • Creating new business apps and transforming existing ones with cloud capabilities

Because we deeply understand your technical environment, your people’s challenges, and have decades of experience running production datacenters at Internet scale, we’re able to design enterprise-grade solutions that make the hybrid approach possible.

See customers already benefitting from Cloud Platform investments

Explore the possibilities of Cloud Platform

We invite you to learn how Microsoft solutions are making the Cloud Platform real today with a platform for modern business to drive more efficiency and deliver new forms of value. Use the links to the right to learn more about how Microsoft is helping customers worldwide infuse their existing IT systems with cloud to realize the benefits of a unified platform in their businesses.

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