Enable modern business applications

Today innovations across devices, data, and the cloud are driving a revolution in applications. Modernize your business applications in partnership with Microsoft.

  • Reach any device
  • Deliver mission critical performance
  • Extend to the cloud
  • Develop applications faster
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Modern business apps

Embrace the revolution in an evolutionary way

Customers are accessing applications on smart devices of all types; in their work and personal lives.

Volume of data is increasing ten-fold every five years and applications that harness this data can deliver great business insights.

Applications are increasingly being delivered from the cloud, as businesses strive to reach more customers, more quickly and economically.

You can’t afford to ignore this application revolution, while your competitors capitalize on it.

You also don’t want to start over—given existing investments in tools and resources. Embrace the application revolution across devices, cloud and data in an evolutionary way and move your business forward… with Microsoft.

Develop web, mobile, Big Data and cloud applicationsArchitect for the future

Reach any device

Microsoft can help you reach the broadest number of devices and get to market faster, with common development tools and unified mobile backend that supports Windows, iOS and Android.

Microsoft development tools enable development teams to develop and deliver new modern applications that leverage the next wave in Windows platform innovation, while supporting devices and services across all Microsoft platforms. Microsoft Azure Mobile Services make it fast and easy to build mobile apps that scale. Within minutes, you can store data in the cloud, authenticate users, and push notifications to millions of devices.

Develop applications faster

Microsoft’s technologies enable you to develop, test, and deploy application faster, at reduced cost, and with the flexibility to deploy in the cloud or on-premises. Prototyping new ideas can be handled rapidly, as Microsoft Azure cloud services provide you all resources needed in minutes with instant provisioning, globally if you need it.

Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) tools remove barriers between business stakeholders, development teams, testing, and operations, to help you deliver high-quality software with greater control.

Deliver mission critical performance

With Microsoft's comprehensive data platform you can process any data at scale, deliver insights with a comprehensive and familiar platform, and enjoy leading-edge performance with in-memory solutions across all workloads. Microsoft enables you to process, and analyze relational or non-relational data, structured and unstructured data, across any location: on-premises, cloud or hybrid.

Extend to the cloud

Experience the economic benefits of the cloud and get to market faster with an open and flexible platform that enables you to quickly add new functionalities and extend your existing applications with cloud services.

Microsoft Azure enables you to bring together all your applications, data, devices, and partners, both on-premises and in the cloud. Use the flexible toolset for solving integration needs ranging from connecting mobile apps with on-premises Line of Business systems or applications.

Aviva Drive scales to the cloud

Aviva Drive

UK insurance firm uses mobile application and cloud platform to track driving behavior

Aviva, a leading provider of financial services worldwide, wanted to help customers save money by basing auto insurance quotes on the behavior of individual drivers instead of statistics. To better understand potential customers, Aviva needed to collect telematics data from moving vehicles. However, deploying on-premises infrastructure was too costly and complex. That changed when it implemented a hybrid-cloud solution based on Microsoft Azure. The solution uses smartphones to collect telematics data that it stores in the cloud on Microsoft Azure SQL Database.

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