Empower people-centric IT

People-centric IT (PCIT) enables each person you support to work from virtually anywhere on the device of their choice and gives you a consistent way to manage and protect it all. Microsoft PCIT solutions allow you to:

  • Keep end users productive
  • Help with data protection and compliance
  • Unify user and device management
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Expectations of technology and IT are changing

The lines between personal life and work are blurring, and the people you support want a consistent and personalized experience no matter what device they’re using.

Supporting many PCs, devices, and apps can be expensive and can tie up IT with 24/7 management, not to mention the risk to the security of your company’s assets and information.

Microsoft’s approach helps IT offer a consistent self-service experience for people, their PCs, and their devices while ensuring security. You can manage all your clients’ devices in a single tool while reducing costs and simplifying management. Best of all, you can leverage your existing tools and infrastructure.

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Keeping end users productive

The consumerization of IT remains a top challenge for many businesses.

More and more people have multiple connected devices they use in their working day. A typical worker might have a PC, a tablet, and a smartphone and expects to use any or all of these devices to do their job. Even when the device is their own.

It falls to IT to help these users have a great, consistent experience, regardless of the device they’re using.

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Helping with data protection and compliance

Protecting company information is a critical task for all IT departments and is only made more challenging with the growth of BYOD trends. Users working from personal devices, still need access to sensitive information to do their jobs. IT needs to balance access with meeting security and regulatory compliance standards across all devices.

PCIT helps IT to protect corporate data by helping to define classification of data based on content and not just location. It creates policy-based access control, creating user identities to access resources on-premises or in the cloud. And PCIT enables IT to selectively wipe applications and information from devices, as necessary.

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Unify user and device management

Supporting end user devices and PCs can drive up costs.

There are lots of solutions for managing PCs. And lots of solutions for managing mobile devices. But in most cases, IT needs to invest in more than one tool to manage these different devices, adding extra cost and complexity.

That’s where we’re different.

Microsoft’s solution is people-centric, meaning we start with the individual. Then we give IT the power and flexibility to manage that person based on their profile, tailored to the device they’re using, and taking into account how the user is connecting.

Finally, we provide all of this in an integrated solution, through a single management console. This often builds on the IT investments you’ve already made, and enables IT to manage the devices in the most effective way — whether on site or from the cloud.

Productive users. Secure data and devices. Reduced cost and complexity. That’s people-centric IT.

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What powers people-centric IT with Cloud OS?

We have a range of tools for IT pros across System Center and Windows Intune to deliver applications to your client. Windows Server 2012 supports new capabilities that give seamless remote access to apps and data, from the network layer with DirectAccess, all the way up to full application and desktop remoting through VDI.

Toyota deploys cloud-based PC management tool


Automotive retailer avoids $1.3 million in IT costs with cloud-based PC management tool

Toyota Motor Europe (TME) had no tools to manage 3,500 car-diagnostic PCs running outside the corporate domain at 3,000 dealerships. TME chose Windows Intune to manage the PCs remotely from a web-based console. It can standardize software deployments to ensure consistent customer service and enhance the security of managed computers to reduce downtime at dealerships. Remote assistance capabilities will also help reduce on-site support costs.

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