On the cutting edge of IoT

To meet demand for premier architectural stone products, Lido Stone Works realized the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect factory-floor machines with the experts in Italy who built them. By harnessing the resulting flow of data via a secure, cloud-based connection, Lido has drastically cut maintenance costs. The Internet of Things has transformed the business, increasing productivity by 30% and revenue by 70%.

On the cutting edge of IoT

The solution:

A secure, cloud-based connection

Lido built an intelligent system that connects the machines on the factory floor with the experts at Breton Spa in Italy who built them. By harnessing the resulting flow of data via a secure, cloud-based connection, Lido has drastically cut maintenance costs and reduced machine downtime. And connecting other things—handheld and other industry devices—to existing back-end inventory and management systems has greatly streamlined inventory operations.

“With an intelligent system from Breton and Microsoft, we’re able to work more effectively with smaller crews for a variety of tasks and keep handwork to a minimum,” said Eliot Mazzocca, president and CEO, Lido Stone Works. “We’ve increased productivity by at least 30%.”

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An intelligent factory

An intelligent factory

Lido’s new system is built on Microsoft and ASEM technologies, and allows workers to track materials throughout the warehousing and production lifecycle. The solution also connects the factory with a support team at Breton Spa to communicate seamlessly via Microsoft Azure with instantaneous insight into processes and challenges.

By connecting devices and data sources, Lido transformed operations and significantly improved efficiency. Now, one person can complete inventory in a day, when before it took four people a week to finish the job.

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Lido Stone Works, a manufacturer of high-end stone installations for architectural firms worldwide, wanted a more automated production environment so that it could improve efficiency, as well as remote assistance to reduce downtime.


Lido teamed with Breton to connect machines on the factory floor with back-end servers. Remote-assistance software and Microsoft Azure enable remote access to Lido’s machines and servers from Breton’s control center.

  • Boosts revenue by 70% and increases productivity by 30% with automated, streamlined solution
  • Improves manageability and saves more than $500,000 annually in travel costs
  • Increases business volume and results in 67% growth in workforce
  • Better connectivity empowers innovation
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Improve operational performance

Microsoft Azure IoT services help manufacturing organizations drive growth through innovation and embrace customer centricity.

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