Big data analytics to the power of R

Use the powerful, statistical programming language—R—in an enterprise-class, big data analytics platform. Microsoft R Server is your flexible choice for analyzing data at scale, building intelligent apps, and discovering valuable insights across your business.

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Now you can use the popular, open-source R language to bring advanced analytics to your business with Microsoft R Server. Continue to work in your preferred R environment—including Hadoop, Teradata, and Linux—to create fast, predictive analytics combined with the performance and flexibility you need.

Supporting a variety of big data statistics, predictive modeling, and machine-learning capabilities, R Server supports a full range of analytics, from exploration to analysis to visualization to modeling. It’s fully compatible with R scripts, functions, and comprehensive R archive network (CRAN) packages to analyze data at enterprise scale.


Flexible and agile

Flexible and agile

With R Server being able to run both on-premises and in the cloud on Azure Virtual Machines, you can model on-premises and score in the cloud without the need for rewrites.

Exceptional performance

Exceptional performance

Extend your analytics performance through parallelized algorithms with multi-threading across processors and compute nodes.



Keep costs contained with minimum investment required to train developers in R, a lower start-up investment and total cost of ownership, and the ability to work on commodity hardware.

Open benefits, enterprise support

Open benefits, enterprise support

Get all the benefits of the open-source R language with the enterprise security and support of Microsoft. It’s the best of both worlds.

R Server is built to handle the data and computational needs that big data analytics and predictive modeling require

Built for breakthrough scale

Able to scale R analytics, R Server is built to handle massive data sizes and computation on hundreds of nodes. Its big-data capable architecture includes ScaleR algorithms optimized for fast parallel execution, DistributedR parallel computing framework for managing compute resources, and ConnectR for versatile connections to data sources.

Download the ScaleR datasheetDownload the DistributedR datasheetDownload the Big Data Analytics datasheet

Supported R Server environments

Develop and run R models on your platform of choice

  • Hadoop—Scale your analysis transparently by distributing work across nodes without complex programming
  • Teradata database—Run advanced analytics in-database for seamless data analysis
  • SUSE Linux—Enable advanced analytics while making the most of your open-source investments
  • Red Hat—Bring predictive and prescriptive analytics power to your Red Hat environments
  • Windows—R Server for Windows will ship as R Services in SQL Server 2016 currently available as a Community Technology Preview (CTP)

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