Cloud computing

Remove limits on your business

A cloud should remove limits, not create them. Do more, faster, and get time back to focus on more important tasks with the cloud solution that fits your business.

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Your IT landscape has never been more challenging or more exciting. You live in a world of device, app and data proliferation. A world of more.

Answer this call for “more” with cloud, a service-based approach to computing. Deliver new projects and services faster. Crunch data faster. Spin up dev and test environments faster. Cloud computing gets you on-demand access to data and software via shared resources—networks, servers, storage, apps and services – all on your own terms.

With Microsoft, cloud is about flexibility, choice and value. Our approach means you can use a combination of clouds in your datacenter, partners’ datacenters, and Microsoft’s secured datacenters. We've poured thousands of engineering hours into designing cloud solutions so you can leverage existing investments, tap into cloud virtually anywhere—and manage your apps and services across all of these cloud properties with the same control you have in your own datacenter. Others may talk about it, but Microsoft delivers it. With Windows Server, Microsoft Azure, and System Center you can use cloud in the way that fits your business.


  • Accelerate innovation and business agility by providing faster ways to build and scale new apps and services to go from local to global in no time
  • Speed IT delivery to match the pace of business. Spend less time managing hardware and more time focusing on high-priority investments
  • Reduce capital expenses—hardware, facilities, operations, and even power—with computing on-demand
  • Choose the solution that best meets the needs of your organization across on-premises, hosting provider, and Microsoft Azure