Data security and compliance

SQL Server delivers the most secure database among leading database vendors

SQL Server solutions provide everything you need to adhere to security and compliance policies—out of the box. This includes the most up to date encryption technologies built on our Trustworthy Computing initiatives.

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Data security and compliance

More than 10 years ago, Microsoft implemented the Trustworthy Computing initiative, requiring SQL Server engineers to take regular security training and carry that responsibility for security across their job duties, regardless of the group in which they reside. This company-wide discipline was developed to create software that is secure by design—and to reduce overall risks.

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) public security board, SQL Server reportedly has the lowest number of security vulnerabilities across major database vendors. In addition, SQL Server has been deemed “the most secure database” by the Information Technology Industry Council (ITIC).*

SQL Server 2014 continues that commitment to excellence in security and compliance. SQL Server 2014 offers CC Certification at the High Assurance Level as well as enhanced separation of duty for greater security. Additional new features include Transparent Data Encryption for better data protection and Encryption Key Management, allowing the storage of keys on a separate server.

*Source: Information Technology Intelligence Corp. (ITIC), SQL Server Delivers Industry-Leading Security, September 2012.


  • 10+ years of applying Security Development Lifecycle in Trustworthy Computing initiatives
  • SQL audit built-in to all editions
  • User-defined server roles
  • Built-in cryptography hierarchy and Transparent Data Encryption with the latest standards
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