Desktop virtualization

Desktop access and management simplified

Enable your users to stay productive from anywhere on any device, simplify desktop management and protect your corporate resources.

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Microsoft desktop virtualization solution overview

As more and more users expect to access their corporate resources from anywhere and on a variety of unmanaged devices and platforms, IT organizations need a solution to offer consistent and managed desktop and applications for user productivity and satisfaction. With the trend towards bring-your-own-device (BYOD), you not only need to support several different platforms but also protect your corporate resources and maintain compliance. In certain use-case scenarios, storing the data on the device may not be ideal or may not meet your data security or compliance requirements (i.e. confidential customer or patient records).

By centralizing desktops and applications in the datacenter or in the cloud, Microsoft Desktop Virtualization solution helps you enable your users to access corporate resources from anywhere, on a variety of devices, and maintain data compliance.

Desktops and applications are streamed but never stored on user devices so the risk of losing data on stolen, compromised or lost devices is reduced.

At Microsoft, we know deploying new solutions can be challenging as IT organizations work with limited resources. Microsoft’s Desktop Virtualization solution is designed to simplify the deployment and management of remote desktops, sessions and applications using a single, unified console in Windows Server so you can leverage your staff’s existing skills while enabling your users to be productive on a variety of devices and platforms.


  • Enable people to access corporate resources and stay productive on the go
  • Deliver applications to a variety of devices and platforms (Windows, Windows RT, iOS, Mac OS X and Android) with Microsoft Remote Desktop clients
  • Provide a rich remote user experience similar to applications running on a your local PC
  • Simplify desktop delivery and management with a unified management console
  • Reduce data leakage by keeping sensitive corporate resources off user devices
  • Centralize and protect your corporate desktops and applications
  • Provide centralized back-up of data for disaster recovery
  • Scale up or down without large capital expense by using Azure RemoteApp
  • Customize your implementation by choosing from different deployment options to meet the needs of different use-case scenarios: session based deployments, personal or pooled virtual desktop deployments, RemoteApp on premises and on Microsoft Azure