Increase database performance with in-memory technology

SQL Server in-memory capabilities built-in across all workloads offer on average 10x and up to 30x transactional performance gains and up to and over 100x query performance gains.

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The worldwide data explosion is creating new challenges, and new opportunities for enterprises seeking to transform their business to better respond to ever changing market conditions. Businesses need better performance from their transactional applications to respond to customer demand in real time, not at the end of the day when the batch process completes. If they can’t meet the needs of their customers in real-time, they will lose to the competition. For example, customers that sell products online, are now looking to implement dynamic pricing so they can always offer their customers a competitive price.

In SQL Server 2008 R2, Microsoft shipped in-memory technology for BI and analytics on the server and in Excel with Power Pivot. In SQL 2012, an in-memory columnstore for data warehousing was added that improved query performance by up to 100x. These solutions helped customers get insights from their data much faster, and helped their employees make better decisions. With SQL Server 2014, the in-memory columnstore became updatable, and a new in-memory OLTP engine was shipped that delivers truly breakthrough transactional performance increases of, on average, 10x, and up to 30x.

SQL Server 2014’s in-memory OLTP technology delivers blistering performance for mission-critical applications while minimizing additional cost by only requiring the hot tables of the database to be put in memory vs. the entire database, like other solutions on the market. When these hot tables are memory optimized, they automatically transform into a new data structure that eliminates locking and latching, further increasing performance. SQL Server 2014 will also identify which stored procedures can be recompiled to further improve throughput. All this is built directly into SQL Server 2014, so there is no need to buy specialized hardware, expensive add-ons or learn new skills to achieve breakthrough performance.


  • Leverage existing skills and knowledge, optimize existing hardware
  • Dramatically increase performance of mission critical applications by an average of 10x and up to 30x with In-Memory OLTP
  • Unlock insights on real time data with the updatable, in-memory ColumnStore with up to 100x query performance
  • Analyze millions of rows of data on the desktop in Excel with Power Pivot
  • Analyze billions of rows of data per second with in-memory analytics in SQL Server Analysis Services
  • Analyze and take action on streaming data in real time using StreamInsight