Service delivery

Simplify and standardize IT services

Deliver IT services with flexible self-service and automation.

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Service delivery

Standardize IT service offerings, empowering users to directly identify, access, and request applications and services published through a centralized configuration management database. Provide a self-service portal with a provisioning and delegation framework, along with chargeback and compliance management and reporting capabilities.

Lower costs, improve predictability, and reduce provisioning lead times by standardizing offers and automating processes and systems to quickly fulfill service requests.

Optimize and extend investments through integration with existing infrastructure for automation across System Center and third-party management toolsets, as well as Microsoft Azure resources.

Offer Microsoft Azure's consistent Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) with the ease of a public cloud provisioned from resources in your own datacenter.


  • Standardize services
  • Lower costs and improve predictability through standardization and automation
  • Empower IT service consumers with the ability to identify, access, and request services
  • Rapidly deploy multi-tenant, self service capabilities with Azure consistency
  • Provide out-of-box web PaaS and IaaS service offerings
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