Enterprise storage

Cost-effective high performance enterprise storage solutions

Deliver reliable, high-performance storage infrastructure based on Microsoft technologies. Build solutions based on industry-standard hardware and Windows Server, grow your storage elastically as your needs increase, or begin tiering data into the cloud with Azure StorSimple.

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Enterprise Storage

Data volumes are exploding, increasing storage costs and the headaches of storage management. Microsoft is on a mission to transform storage and deliver a new range of solutions.

While Microsoft products continue to evolve to help maximize the performance and utilization of storage-area networks (SANs) with new technologies, such as Offloaded Data Transfer (ODX), Microsoft offers a variety of additional storage solutions.

Windows Server 2012 R2 provides virtualized file-based storage suitable for application data. These file-based storage configurations, built on industry-standard hardware, can deliver 1,000,000+ IOPS while providing uninterrupted service to workloads like Hyper-V and SQL Server – even through the loss of a disk or server.

Azure StorSimple devices, combined with Microsoft Azure storage, provide cloud storage as an extended tier, automatically moving less accessed data to the cloud, while maintaining seamless integration for easy access.

While new options in Microsoft Azure, such as Microsoft Azure Backup and Hyper-V Recovery Manager, can help you protect both data and the services that depend on it.


  • Provide the high performance your private cloud deployments require at more than 1,000,000 IOPS
  • Maintain service through the failure of disks or entire servers without disrupting storage availability
  • Scale as your data grows with Azure StorSimple cloud-integrated storage and Microsoft Azure
  • Reduce costs, while maintaining the performance, and availability of traditional proprietary storage
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