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This presentation will provide an overview of the engagement delivery process for Microsoft Partners and consultants interested in bringing this unique Software Assurance benefit to customers.

5 Time: 16:14

August 12, 2013

Views: 110

This presentation will provide a general overview of Planning Services program policies for Microsoft Partners and consultants interested in delivering this unique Software Assurance benefit to customers.

5 Time: 16:30

August 12, 2013

Views: 17

Deployment planning consultants help customers evaluate how best to deploy an array of Microsoft solutions on-premises, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments. This video will provide a general introduction to the Planning Services program.

5 Time: 15:22

August 12, 2013

Views: 13

The purpose of this 2-part partner training series is to provide Microsoft partners who are enrolled in the Software Assurance (SA) Planning Services program, or who are considering enrolling, with important program value and execution guidance, as well as clarify the voucher life cycle and the various process steps associated with Microsoft customer’s use of their SA Planning Services benefits.

5 Time: 31:22

June 26, 2013

Views: 74

Microsoft Partners talk about the features and benefits of Windows 7 Enterprise.

5 Time: 3:44

September 17, 2009

Views: 2,486

Learn about the business value of Windows 7 to OEMs, and get a broad overview of Windows 7 features. See demos of key Business and Consumer scenarios to support new revenue opportunities enabled by Windows 7.

1 Time: 50:18

August 07, 2009

Views: 188

Microsoft is saving money and energy by using software to find inefficiencies in its buildings’ HVAC systems.

0 Time: 3:13

January 21, 2015

Views: 1

Reality Check Systems delivers exciting online sports graphics and social media by developing on the Perceptive Pixel touchscreen by Microsoft.

0 Time: 2:21

June 02, 2014

Views: 482

Customer story discussing Nalco-Champion's facing the challenge of finding the value buried in massive amounts of data from their customers’ operations and the solution they found in a joint OSIsoft Microsoft solution.

0 Time: 3:57

January 30, 2014

Views: 40

Hear an overview on the sales cycle with highlighted opportunities for Partners to engage with Microsoft. Topics include: Joint execution, industry priority solution scenarios, priorities around Account Planning, Partner Solution Plans (PSPs), and Partner Business Plans (PBPs).

0 Time: 58:10

August 18, 2009

Views: 196