How to manually remove Microsoft Office 2010 Suites

Some users may encounter issues when installing a new version of Office where the installation might halt unexpected before completion. It is impossible to roll back to previous version or reinstall Office to overwrite the failed install as previous setup was not completed. In such situation, you have to manually remove the remaining Office files and registry entries from the system.

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techguy2013 (399 Days ago)
This video is terrible. The presenter goes WAY too fast. Yes, I know it's a video, and you can stop and rewind, but you should need to do that a dozen times to get what she's showing you!! Moreover, she skips past important steps--like failing to identify all of the subfolders she's jumping through in the regedit process. Since editing the registry is one of the most complicated and potentially dangerous activities a person can do with their OS, I think she should be paying particular attention to detail!

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